Commissions and ordering

Commissions are closed at the moment, there will be new commissions this year.

If you want to order a horse or pony made by me, you can order a commission. Maybe one that looks like your real horse or pony. The starting price for a horse is 240€ + shipping costs. A pony starts from 220€ + shipping costs.
This price for both options include:

  • short 10cm mane
  • a little marking on it’s head (like a snib, star or small blaze
  • standard shadings (on it’s muzzle, eyes, jaw and ears)
  • standard black felt eyes
  • standard black or pink felt nostrils

Other things like for example dapples, spots, longer or thicker mane, bigger markings and different eyes and nostrils will be added to the starting price:

  • dapples +10 – 15€
  • sewn-in markings +10€ – ?€ (depending on the difficulty)
  • appaloosa spots +20€
  • sewn-on markings +5 – ?€ (depending on the difficulty)
  • fjordmane +20€
  • p 10cm longer mane +5€
  • realistic clay eyes +5€
  • realistic nostrils +5€

How to order a commission
You have to send me a message on Instagram (@khtfairytale) or an email ( with your project which includes a clear sketch and/or a picture that shows every detail from the horse or pony you would like.
The fabric colors I have are shown below in the pictures. I order fabric once in a while, so it may be that sometimes I don’t have one of the colors you would like. In this case you have to wait until I ordered fabric again or choose another color. If you have questions about something else, you can always send me a message or email!

In every queue I choose 1-10 orders, and most of the time I get a lot of requests, so don’t be sad when you didn’t get a spot this time. There will be more opportunities! I always try to choose people who already tried a lot of times to get a commission. Only the people who won will get a confirmation message.

REMINDER: I DO NOT make copies of any horses that I have already made or horses that are not made by me, unless you have the permission from the maker/owner!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to reserve a commission spot (for the next queue)?
Unfortunately this is not possible because I want to keep it fair towards other people.

When will you finish my horse?
I never really have a specific order for making the commissions, which means I will send you a message when I will start with your horse. Please be patient!

Can I change the project when I already ordered?

To prevent confusion this is not possible after you have ordered the commission.

Ordering conditions:
* You are at least 18 or you have your parents/guardians permission to order
* Paying for the horse only goes through the website with either PayPal or banktransfer
* You can’t change the commission once you have ordered to avoid miscommunications and confusions
* You already have the money for the horse when you order your commission

And please be patient, because I like to take my time for making your hobbyhorse as best as possible! ❤️

I ship the horses without the stick but with all fillings, this because of the customs and the difficulty with shipping.
It normally takes 1-5 working days before the package arrives, depending in which country you live of course.
The additional shipping costs will be added to the price of the commission when you pay for your horse at checkout, the prices differ between 7-20€.
If you would like to know what the shipping costs to your country are, I can look it up for you.

fabric colors: